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Interestingly, not only is it an inertia gun, but the specs indicate American walnut stock and forend. It's interesting that Weatherby is offering both gas and inertia semi-autos.As with the Weatherby SA-08, these guns are beautiful. May have to stop by their HQ in February when I'm up in Paso Robles for a weekend of wine tasting with friends... I have shot the SA-08 for 4 years with 3" steel loads and really like it. Right off the top of my head, I cant think of another manufacturer that offers both systems -- only one or the other. Built by the same company that makes the the SA-08.Same price range, and I know the Benelli is a well made gun. The Orion O/U looks interesting, and it's in my price range, so that is one I may have to take a look at. The O/U is a steel framed field gun named the Orion 1. The semi is a premium grade inertia gun with AA grade American walnut stocks. True, they could probably find their way here, but I’d venture to guess they are concentrating their efforts on looking for other "marks". Let's keep it safe for all and if any of us feel that there is a scammer on here and posting then please let the editor of this page know and By All Means Please Do Not Give Them This Site. I doubt I’ll hear from him again but will happily join in the effort to stop these predators from this abhorrent behavior. Has anyone been approached by an oil rig engineer looking to start a relationship through asking you to play a game in WWF and then starting a convo through the WWF app before asking for your phone number? Let's stay alert and refuse their ridiculous requests for Itunes cards and whatever else they lie about. My scammer was Brazilian and he spoke Portuguese and he said he was a US citizen and that his mother raised him in Rio de Janeiro.We are aware that they can find it but we do Not need to give it to them on a silver plate!!! My scammer called me from the oil rig in the gulf of Mexico one time and there were also children in the background. This man took me for ,000 and found me on Twitter Join the Facebook page too so you and I can communicate.Hello everyone, so am having fun with a scammer, well he thinks I am in love with him, but really how can a person fall in love with someone that is not real?? When I told him I could hear children he said he was watching a movie!!! Oh and the same phrases like, did you sleep well, where are you and what are you up to, and my favorite, hugs and kisses for you. Ladies, if you will go to Facebook and in the search type in the word "scam" and all sorts of sites show up that are on Facebook. Yes the Scammers themselves can see it as well but they can also come on this site and see what we are writing about them. I am thinking if we are posting the photos they are using on the Facebook sites and our stories, they will know exactly who we are. These guys and the women that work with them as mules, or bank agents, or pretend daughters, are just as disgusting as they are. This is cry cry cry James Edmund DOB 12/9/1978, mechanical engineer, said was Dutch, said lived in the US but moved to UK a month ago but worked on oil rig in Miami for two weeks at that time when we met on Tinder, seems to have stolen identity of a real mechanical engineer based in the UK called James Edmund Talbot DOB August 1978, permanent residence UK - available on google information provided by Companies House.He is all lovey dovey lol, so he was in Florida on Vacations, traveled to dubai, once he got there his debit card was blocked and he wanted me to send him money. Sweet whispery heavily accented voice and also turned controlling and angry. He posts photos of him dark haired, white shirt, dark jacket/trousers, smiling and this is also his facebook profile which is empty BTW.

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I would bet the new guns are Turkish and possibly some final assembly is done in the US. It is also a Beretta 68x clone as far as the receiver is concerned. They LOOK like a 68X, but they don't perform anywhere near a 68X.

That is why there is a delay from placing a post to it appearing live on the site so I can filter all potential scammers, trolls, abuse etc. I also have to say that I don’t understand what "playing" with them accomplishes. If you want to "play" try a board game or get another hobby. The last thing we wanted is to give them more leverage. As with others here he asked some odd questions, i.e., what did I eat for breakfast or what was I going to eat for lunch, did I want to come feed him.

I don’t understand why anyone would give a suspected scammer access to what should be OUR space to help other women by posting our stories. This is suppose to be a safe place to share our stories and get input from others that have been victims. He approached the wrong girl – I’m terminally ill, partially paralyzed, never wanted children, can’t cook and don’t clean, don’t care for country or gospel music, and am not particularly religious.

So the Weatherby website has been down for about a week, showing a countdown timer ending today at am.

Out of curiosity, I waited out the clock, and was rewarded with a couple of new shotguns from Weatherby - a new Orion o/u that has one of the nicest contoured forends I've seen on an o/u, and a new inertia driven semi-auto named Element that is available in 12, 20, and 28 gauge.

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