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She has a landline and no mobile phone and she doesn’t own a TV or any kind of streaming service, and when she isn’t job searching she only checks her email once or twice a week.But she doesn’t see why using cash a business meal or event is a faux pas or misstep.

She has refused all attempts so far and says she won’t change. I am baffled by why you think it’s not okay for her to pay in cash.In general, it’s not a great move to invite half your department and not the other half, but this might be an exception to that general rule since (a) toddler birthday parties are not usually a hot invitation that people will feel burned not to get, and (b) you could position it as just inviting the people who have taken a particular interest in your daughter, which makes perfect sense. Should another coworker get the byline on an article I wrote? It just so happens that writing is a strongpoint for me. Along comes the request to submit an article for publication on our company homepage.My supervisor asked me to write an article for our company’s website. I wrote it and shared it with local management; they didn’t change a thing, and rubber stamped it.It’s perfectly fine for her to pay in cash, it’s not unprofessional or a misstep, and it’s super weird that you’re telling her that it is.Let her pay in cash if she wants to, and leave her alone. My supervisor gets a “bucket” of funds available to distribute to his team as he sees fit.

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