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In Australian slang "fried-out" means overheated, Kombi refers to the Volkswagen Type 2 combination van, and having "a head full of zombie" refers to the use of a type of marijuana.Hippie trail refers to a subcultural tourist route popular in 1960s and 70s which stretched from Western Europe to South-East Asia.It was a song about the loss of spirit in that country.

The early version of "Down Under" has a slightly different tempo and arrangement from the later Columbia release.The band are seen carrying a coffin across the dunes at the end.This, Hay has explained, was a warning to his fellow Australians that their country's identity was dying as a result of over-development and Americanization.The most well known version was then released on Columbia in October 1981 as the third single from their debut album Business as Usual (1981).The hit song went to number one in their home country of Australia in December 1981, and then topped the New Zealand charts in February 1982.

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