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Obito questions Madara about who he himself is to the older Uchiha.

Madara explains to how Obito as a follower of Madara's ideals is Madara, he who wishes to cancel the world created by the Sage of the Six Paths and to create a new one through the Eye of the Moon Plan.

FULL STORM 4 GAME with its SEASON PASS (DELUXE), ALL Previous DLC, and might be the only way they can release an Season Pass, as the game reads asthe DISC Copy as ROAD TO BORUTO, not as an add-on.

(cyberconnect already said they wont be releasing DLC FOR A DLC). Its fluid gameplay and horde of my favorite characters filled my lungs with excitement. about cost for ROAD TO BARUTO DLC just keep in mind there will not be another game so they cant give you everything since there is plenty more to come.

The Rt BORUTO DLC IS HERE FOR PEOPLE THAT ALREADY HAVE DELUXE Edition - SO: PHYSICAL GETS YOU THE DLC, & the EXTRA gets you EVERYTHING ELSE ever released! I only wish the multiplayer servers weren't broken. not saying it shouldnt be part of season pass just another way to look at it.

i love the fighting mechanic and charecter selection everything i would expect from storm 4. I like mostly all of it but they should really add more to the story part of the game like "take controll of teen boruto and destroy kwaki!

Prepare for the most awaited STORM game ever created!

The ROAD TO BORUTO DLC drops February 2nd, but it is ONLY as an ADD-ON from the XB1 Store (),**HOWEVER: game retailers & stores have a FULL GAME available in PHYSICAL COPY (only !

However, Obito doesn't take Madara's hand and pierces him in the gut.The first ending theme, "Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku" After Naruto Uzumaki loses Kurama to Madara, Sakura Haruno attempts to save him while Gaara transports them to Minato in order to have Yin-Kurama sealed into Naruto to save him.As Sakura learned her medical ninjutsu is unable to reverse the effects of Kurama's extraction, she resorts to slicing open Naruto's chest and manually pumping his heart.Now that Madara is nearby, Black Zetsu declares that nobody can stop it from handing over the Rinnegan and Yin-Kurama, detaching itself from Obito's body.As Kakashi and Gaara prepare to attack in order to give Naruto the meanings to survive the extraction, Black Zetsu finds itself unable to leave Obito's body, due to him not allowing it to.

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