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My final blog post of 2017 is about two of my favorite subjects – grandchildren and sewing!If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I enjoy teaching young people to sew and quilt.This may include meeting with local guilds, visiting shops that carry fabric, yarn, native crafts or other fiber arts, taking part in workshops, or featuring guest educators/speakers.We’ll share what we come up with as it becomes available.

My cousin Lisa has been best friends with Rochelle since grade school.

I wish I had taken a few step-by-step pictures along the way, but I’m sure you can imagine it.

Here’s a picture Kirsten recently posted on Facebook after they presented Rochelle and her daughters with the quilt.

I received responses from 2 talented stitchers and I found their projects delightful. Sonnalea does beautiful things with her embroidery machine.

Here’s what she sent: Sonnalea’s sister, Marcele, is a friend of mine from church – and she had shown me a picture of this wallhanging the same day Sonnalea emailed it to me 🙂 . She is a very talented quilter, and is a sewing and quilting judge at many local county fairs. The overall designs were to match their older sibling’s stockings, but yet I have tried to make each unique. and if I thought our families would continue to grow, I would write up better instructions so I don’t need to figure everything out again.

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