Theatre dating

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Stages which are not end-on must often use alternative notation, sometimes based on the clock face or the points of a compass.1) Diffuse light that has been reflected from the stage, walls, cyclorama etc.2) ' Bounce' is sometimes used for a flat (non-curved) cyclorama.2) Any black drapes or tabs, permanently or temporarily rigged. Running Blacks are full stage width black tabs with a split half way, which are usually fitted to a tab track so that they can be opened and closed horizontally AND flown in and out.The tab track control can either be operated from stage level or from a fly floor (when they're flown out).Used when the Prompt Corner is Stage Right instead of the usual Stage Left. "the LX cue needs to go four beats after the door is closed").4) A unit of action, as suggested by Stanislavski to help actors determine the through-line of a role. Blue working lights backstage should remain on and are not usually under the control of the board, except during a Dead Blackout (DBO), when there is no onstage light.This may be for architectural reasons in a theatre with no wing space Stage Left, or may be because of the layout of set pieces which obscure a view from Stage Left, or because the band is on Stage Left and the Deputy Stage Manager can't hear her/himself cueing! A call given by Stage Management to bring those actors who appear in the first part of a play to the stage. Exit signs and other emergency lighting must remain on at all times.

2) Describes the method used instead of stage crew for moving bits of set around shows with a big budget. Session with opera performers in a new venue (or on a new set) to check the balance of voices and orchestra is correct, and that the performers can hear the orchestra enough. Language, especially in theatre, is rarely universal! Bar Bells are rung in public areas of the theatre to warn the audience that the performance is about to start/continue. Part of the communication ('cans') system in a theatre, the Beltpack contains the controls and circuitry to drive the HEADSET worn by crew members.

3) Describes the fast in/out movement of 'bouncing' flown house tabs, traditionally used during curtain calls.

This can also apply to the fast blackout/lights up cues that happen at curtain calls.

Person (male or female) whose role is to play a character other than his/her own.

Although the term 'actress' is sometimes still used for a female actor, many women prefer to have the same title as the men. The presence of mind by an actor to improvise when; 1) another actor fails to enter on cue 2) the normal progress of the play is disturbed 3) lines are forgotten 4) It may also be a bad habit developed by some actors whereby unnecessary "gags" are introduced into the dialogue.

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