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The woman, who hasn't been named, told NBC bosses on Monday that Lauer had sexually harassed her while they were covering the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Moments after being fired from his position at NBC and accused of sexual misconduct with a colleague Matt Lauer got in his car and drove to his 16-year-old son Jack's prep school to tell him in person what happened.

Here is a list of reasons why messages are blocked and how to minimise/circumvent the impact of these filters: In the telecommunications world, there are several routes which can be used to deliver a message to a handset, however, not all routes perform the same.

Although some paths will result in high delivery with all possible filters, other routes will result in high latency or even non-delivery.

Lauer said it didn't work out, and that Jack immediately shut him down.Despite being one of the most popular mediums for real time communications and used in many high priority and time sensitive applications, global SMS delivery is not always perfect and the distributed design of the telecommunication industry means that many different factors can intervene in the delivery of any SMS.In this blog, I’ll share some of the different factors that can influence the delivery of a message, which a user should take into account when delivering a SMS.In her suit, filed by attorney Lawrance Bohm, Zawaideh claims White ran the band like a tyrant -- ordering her to cut her hair and wear sexually provocative outfits, despite her protests.Zawaideh claims White would scold her when she wore more conservative outfits such as fleece sweaters.

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